Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wrapping Things Up

As weird as it is to say this, my study abroad experience is about to come to an end. I won't stop blogging until I get back to the US, though, so you guys will still have a bit more material to read in your moments of boredom! ;)

Unfortunately, I don't have too much to say right now (yeah, that's a first). But I want to at least say something today (and procrastinate a little bit more).

Starting with a recount of the past few days!

Honestly, there's not much to tell, though. Yesterday, we had yet ANOTHER field trip! Can you believe that? I think that makes...five? In just a few weeks? Anyway, we went to El Museo de Arte Thyssen-Bornemisza. It's another art museum that basically is anything not in Reina Sofia or Museo del Prado. While it was interesting, I would have preferred being able to explore it myself. We were given a tour guide who only showed us 5 paintings! Granted, we were only there an hour. But it took us an hour to get there and go back, so it seemed really rushed.

And then that was pretty much it. I guess some days here have actually become "normal" and rather uneventful. Which is crazy since I'm in SPAIN! I take that as a sign I've adjusted to regular life here haha.

Today we filled out our course evaluations. There were a million and a half of them so they took 45 minutes to fill out! I also turned in my three essays (why didn't any of you take me up on the offer to write them for me?! So disappointed now)! But it's still not time to relax...

Tomorrow--final exams! Hopefully I'll do well! During our study sesh at the cafe today, I couldn't resist grabbing one of them frappelattes- mmmmm. Cause everyone needs a great study drink!

Be jealous.

And then I had to take a study break to shop. Because, you know, you have to get up and move or release endorphins or something like that to be able to concentrate more. So, behold my new Universidad de Alcala apparel! Now my student status is so official.

After school tomorrow, we will have a going away party for our program and then a bunch of us are going to explore one last time. I. Will. Not. Cry.

In the meantime, studying takes priority. I've already procrastinated too much this afternoon with shopping and cafes. Now I have to power through!

Wish me luck! :)

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